Ode to the Post-Kick-Six Generation and the 2017 Iron Bowl

Auburn Tigers cornerback Chris Davis (11) returns a missed field goal for a 100 yard touchdown against the Alabama Crimson Tide during the fourth quarter at Jordan Hare Stadium. Credit: John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

“No it does not have the leg, and Chris Davis takes it at the back of the end zone,” says Auburn radio sportscaster Rob Bramblett.

“He’ll run it out to the 10, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50 there goes Davis! Davis is going to run it all the way back! Auburn is gonna win the football game! Auburn is gonna win the football game!”

The night of the 2013 Iron Bowl and Bramblett’s iconic game coverage, has gone down in history as one of the best Auburn University sports moments of all time.

Pride for the Kick-Six still hangs in the air on Auburn’s campus, even four years later.

Like most students my age, I remember watching this moment from my couch at home. With my acceptance letter fresh from the mail, I watched my soon-to-be fellow students storm the field in Jordan Hare Stadium.

Auburn Fans Storm the Field after the 2013 Iron Bowl

The class of 2018 was a group of wide-eyed high school seniors at the time. Some of us didn’t even know Auburn would soon be our future home. For a lucky few who attended the game with their families, they still don’t know what it was like to be in that student section.

“I remember watching the Iron Bowl from home in Tampa and thinking ‘this is it,'” says Auburn University senior Kyle Maidens. “After watching that last play and all the students storm the field, I knew I wanted to be a part of the Auburn Family.”

Regardless of where you were during the 2013 Iron Bowl, the Kick-Six holds a special place in the hearts of all Auburn University students. However, as the class of 2018 has now become college seniors, we can’t help but wonder: will we ever get our own miracle at Jordan Hare?

Older students would likely laugh at the thought of topping the tipped Hail Mary pass against Georgia and the 109-yard return against Alabama. But, now that most students during that historic season have graduated and moved on, the current generation is left to hope that history will repeat itself.

“The Kick-Six was incredible, but I can’t help but wonder when it’s going to be our turn,” says Ciara Jones, an Auburn senior about to graduate in December. “I would love to see us beat Alabama at least once while I’m a student.”

It’s a stretch to believe the 2013 season will ever be topped, but after four years of watching the Tigers struggle, it’s fair to ask if we will ever get that field-storming kind of moment.

Fans rush the field after the 2013 Iron Bowl
Auburn University Tigers rush the field after winning the Iron Bowl
(Photo by Phil Ellsworth / ESPN Images)

As the 2017 Iron Bowl nears, a sense of hope seems to be rising around campus. After the 40 – 17 win over the number one ranked Georgia Bulldogs, Auburn has the most promising outlook going into the Iron Bowl since the 2013 season.

The game against Alabama takes place on Saturday, November 25. This will the last home game for the class of 2018.

Our time at Auburn University isn’t just about football or the Iron Bowl, but it’s safe to say it has played a major role in our college career. As members of the class of 2018 and those who follow, we are a part of the post-Kick-Six generation, and we are ready for the 2017 Iron Bowl.

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