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Hello and welcome to my blog!

My name is Kelsey Bixler and I am a senior studying public relations and marketing at Auburn University. Generally, introductions start by saying where you are from, but for me, this is a loaded question. The daughter of a pilot in a fast-changing industry, I have lived in six states including Iowa, Illinois, Texas, Georiga, Florida and Alabama.

I did the majority of my growing-up in Tampa, Florida, and moved to Birmingham, Alabama, my sophomore year of high school. Though changing environments can be difficult at any age, I believe these experiences gave me a unique perspective on the world and taught me that everything happens for a reason.

With a complicated definition of “home,” Auburn University has held a special place in my life. Auburn is where I have made incredible friendships, countless memories and gained experiences that have set me up for a successful future. While the thought of my nearing graduation dates saddens me, I am excited to see what the next stage of life holds. I am also humbled to call the “Lovliest Village on the Plains” my forever second home.

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